Lorac publicity stunt lashes long-wearing mascara

Lorac publicity stunt lashes long-wearing mascara
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Brand: Lorac
Category: Eyes, Makeup
List Price: $15.56
Sale Price: $11.97

Black3-Day Long-Wearing MascaraLORAC'S NEW BREAKTHROUGH MASCARA PULLS A PUBLICITY STUNT...UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS LASHES THAT LAST UP TO 3 DAYS!This revolutionary 3-Day Long-Wearing Mascara creates long, lush lashes that are gym-proof, cry-proof and Red Carpet beauty-proof! Its ultra lightweight long-wearing formula is loaded with natural ingredients, created from an innovative new technology, allows you take a break from re-applying your mascara every day without it smudging, budging or flaking for up to 3 days. To achieve the lengthening a plant cellulose is combined with volcanic ash from an island chain in the South Pacific. The pulverized ash mixed with the cellulose and other ingredients produces a water impervious substance that bonds to hair, elongating the lash and increasing the wear due to its water-repelling qualities...your lashes will look clean and pristine for days! Publicity Stunt Lashes comes with an attached lash comb for quick, easy and perfectly separated lashes. Get the celebrities' Red Carpet secret to flawless, long, luxurious lashes that last up to 3 days. Comes with a custom shaped brush and an attached lash comb for quick, easy application and perfectly shaped lashes.The custom shaped hourglass brush effectively grabs lashes for easy and effortless application. Black is a bold, deep raven shade Only apply your mascara once every three days Contains lengthening plant cellulose Volcanic ash provides rich pigment that lasts Won't dry out or flake
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