Sapuyulo shampoo, made from organic ingredients

Sapuyulo shampoo, made from organic ingredients
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Brand: Shuchil
Category: Shampoos, Hair Care
List Price: $7.37
Sale Price: $5.67

Shuchil´s Sapuyulo Shampoo is made with organic ingredients, from the seed of the Zapote fruit. Sapuyulo has always been known in Latin American coultures for its properties and benefits, providing hair with nutrients that help prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth and keep hair healthy. This shampoo has been elaborated using organic ingredients certified by B.C.S. OKO Garantie, from Germany. Shuchil´s Sapuyulo Shampoo has been certified 80% organic, according to USDA norms. Best results seen when used with our Sapuyulo Conditioner. Sapuyulo Shampoo Stimulates Hair Growth Helps Prevent Hair Loss Made with Organic Ingredients, 16 fl oz Shampoo Bottle Perfect for Everyday Use Brings Hair´s Natural Shine Back
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