Uni-locs residue free shampoo

Uni-locs residue free shampoo
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Brand: Chatto
Category: Shampoos, Hair Care
List Price: $13.52
Sale Price: $10.40 Special Item - Offer ends soon!

A state of the art new residue free shampoo designed to gently cleanse, while nourishing the broken ends of your hair. The nutrients contribute to the natural structure of hair, by growing new hair and strengthening old hair. Chattos Residue Free Shampoo helps to strengthen the hair, open the follicles for healthy growth, protects the hair structure, releases dirt and environmental impurities from the hair to improve texture. This shampoo stimulates growth in areas broken by constant twisting and twinning. Residue Free Shampoo for Twists, Dreads, Junior and Senior Locs Selected herbal blends clean the pores of Locs, twists, dreads, Strengthens the hair, opens the follicles, protects the hair structure, and promotes hair growth Stimulates growth in areas broken by constant twisting and twinning Amazing shampoo that releases dirt, cleans the hair, and leaves NO RESIDUE behind
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