Follicare all natural hairloss treatment kit

Follicare all natural hairloss treatment kit
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Brand: Follicare
List Price: $81.86
Sale Price: $62.97

Follicare® All Natural Topical Spray delivers natural vasodilators, DHT blockers and follicular nutrients via a patented delivery system to ensure maximum absorption of ingredients into the scalp. These ingredients combine to deliver the necessary nutrients to the hair and scalp to help promote new hair growth and reduce hair loss. The Follicare® All Natural Topical Spray promotes better circulation to the scalp, addresses damaging free radicals with potent antioxidants, helps to block DHT and fights harmful bacteria. Follicare® Nutritional Supplement contains (a) over 20 natural ingredients to help block the formation and binding of DHT to the follicles; (b) a complete micronutrient complex to maintain healthy hair and follicle growth; (c) potent antioxidants to fight damaging free radicals; and (d) natural vasodilators to promote increased blood flow to the scalp. Follicare® Nutrient Shampoo (a) helps keep hair hydrolyzed to prevent it from becoming brittle and breaking; (b) provides keratin protein, an essential building block for healthy hair; (c) provides essential fatty acids for the hair and scalp; and (d) removes clogging residue and damaging bacteria from the follicle and scalp. 5% Extra Strength Minoxidil is an FDA approved product to promote hair growth. It is a powerful vasodilator and is provided to you at the strongest dosage permitted by law. Using it alone is not enough for most men because it addresses only one cause of hair loss. Follicare® grows your OWN hair, naturally... No surgery, wigs or weaves. In an independent pilot clinical study, 100% of the participants using Follicare® grew new hair and experienced reduced hair loss in JUST 8 weeks! Follicare® is the FIRST and ONLY mutli-angled hair growth product to have its patent application allowed by the U.S. Government. Follicare® includes over 50 key ingredients, including saw palmetto, nettle, grape seed, pygeum, zinc and vitamin B6 to help inhibit the formation of DHT. Follicare® is formulated to address ALL major causes of hair loss.
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