Civet musk perfume oil-1/4 oz.

Civet musk perfume oil-1/4 oz.
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Brand: Body time
Category: Women's, Fragrance
List Price: $8.61
Sale Price: $6.62

One of our many scents of concentrated Perfume Oils to be applied at pulse points (at neck, backs of wrists, inside of elbows, behind ears and behind knees) for a long lasting aroma. Our Perfume Oils are extremely concentrated and are not intended as overall body oils; a touch or two at pulse points usually lasts for several hours. We package all our Perfume Oils in glass bottles because perfumes may dissolve plastic. If your skin is sensitive or allergic, test a small amount of oil on the inside of a forearm to determine if this synthetic fragrance irritates your skin. May stain clothing and carpeting or cause other damage if spilled. This musky sweet perfume oil contains no animal by-products Extremely concentrated, non alcohol formula Apply a touch or two at pulse points for a long lasting aroma Packaged in a glass bottle because perfume oils may dissolve plastic
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