Sundance spas pillow 6455-467

Sundance spas pillow 6455-467
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Brand: Sundance
List Price: $17.93
Sale Price: $13.79

Sundance Spas pillow only 6455-467. This is newer style Chevron pillow 2001 + used with plastic screws and they are not retrofitable to prior and older spas. Inserts and screws are optional and may be purchased separately. Fits the following Sundance Spas models: Altamar 2001+(3) Cameo 2001-2004 (2) Cameo 2005+ (3) Capri (3) Caprio 2001 (2) Caprio 2002+ (3) Caprio ST 2001 (2) Caprio ST 2002-2004 (3) Majesta 2005+ (2) Marin 2001 (1) Marin 2002+ (4) Maxxus 2001-2004 (3) Maxxus 2005+ (4) Metro 2001+ (1) Optima 2001+ (2) Solo 2001+ (1) Tango 2001+ (1) Get the job done right the first time with a genuine part directly from Sundance Spas factory. This is a brand new original pillow,not aftermarket. This product offers Exact Fit Guarantee and Low Price Guarantee. We are the longest established Sundance Spas dealer in the world with multiple stores in southern California . We were recently honored for outstanding sales performance by Sundance Spas. Since 1985, we have earned the Gold Club Award every year. This places us in the top 1% of all Sundance Spas dealers in the world.
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