Hot lashes heated eyelash curler

Hot lashes heated eyelash curler
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Brand: Hot lashes
List Price: $31.90
Sale Price: $24.54

Everybody knows that heat is the secret to curling hair. For years, beauty professionals and make-up artists have used a hot blow dryer to heat the metal eyelas curler. Since its impossible to precisely direct the heat from the blow dryer to just one area, the entire metal curler gets heated and the hot metal is dangerous to place near your eye. However when you use a cold eyelash curler your lashes never stay curled for very long. The Hot Lashes Eyelash Curling System uses a battery operated heating unit that gently warms the non-stick, heat retaining silicone pad. It does NOT heat the metal portion of the curler. Once heated the non-stick pad will gently and safely curl your eyelashes, giving them a long lasting curl like NEVER before. This warm silicone pad sets the curl of your lashes for the Whole day and well into the night (18 hours or more), not just a few hours like your present lash curler. The new 2 pc system includes the Pink heater unit with clear safety lid and a Professional Gold steel designed eyelash curler with Tourmaline infused pad inside curler. Tourmaline crystals release healthy negative Ions for a Beautiful curl that lasts all day. Warm to your eyelashes but cool to your skin, Hot Lashes is completely safe and effective. Simply place the gold eyelash curler onto the unit and in less than 90 seconds you'll have a heated curler perfect for curling your lashes. If not used after 3 minutes the unit's "smart timer" will automatically shut the unit off. Runs on batteries or an optional AC plug (neither batteries or AC plug are included). Sets the curl of eyelashes for 18 hours Hot Lashes Heating Unit and Gold Eyelash Curler with silicone pad Battery operated, turns off after 3 minutes, Used by make-up and beauty professionals worldwide Silicone pads are non-stick and will not damage eyelashes
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