Celyoung intensive heel and foot cream

Celyoung intensive heel and foot cream
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Brand: Celyoung
Category: Feet , Skin Care
List Price: $20.46
Sale Price: $15.74

Have you tried everything on the market without relief for painful, cracked feet? Then Celyoung foot cream is just the right treatment for you. Celyoung Foot Cream was specifically developed for stubborn problems like calluses and deep cracks. It Is a unique paste-like cream and not comparable to usual foot creams that are too fluid. Clinical studies and over one million tubes sold are proof of its potent effectiveness. 100% said it eliminated dry, cracked skin on the heels 70% agreed the skin remained soft and supple long after use. 100% noticed that even the bad cracks in the heels had disappeared. 80% said their feet were smoother and felt more relaxed 100% confirmed that even severely dry feet became soft and touchable
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