Acca kappa lip balm, vanilla .18 fl oz (5.5 ml)

Acca kappa lip balm, vanilla .18 fl oz (5.5 ml)
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Brand: Acca kappa
Category: Lips, Skin Care
List Price: $6.76
Sale Price: $5.20
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SPF 7The ACCA KAPPA lip balm is formulated to protect the lips from atmospheric agents (wind, sun, air pollution, etc.) A perfect combination of active ingredients and natural extracts allow for a deep hydration of the epidermis while restoring elasticity ad preventing the natural aging of the skin. The active anti-aging ingredients include: Ceramides: natural fats while provide a protective barrier and prevents dehydration; the main cause of aging. Vitamin A: contracts free radicals contained in external agents which attack the epidermal cell membrane. Vitamin C: stimulates the synthesis of collagen while improving micro-circulation and scarring. Aloe Vera: a natural extract with soothing, refreshing and protective properties. Zinc Oxide: a radical sun protectant which prevents excessive chapping of the skin. Contains SPF 7. Made in Italy Protect lips from the harmful effects of the sun, wind and air pollution.
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