Dr. shealy's biogenics magnesium lotion (pint)

Dr. shealy's biogenics magnesium lotion (pint)
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Brand: Dr shealy
Category: Body, Skin Care
List Price: $18.02
Sale Price: $13.86

Apply 2 teaspoons of this gel-like lotion to your skin (feet, butt, legs...anywhere) twice daily. It will raise intracellular magnesium and DHEA hormones within about 1 month. Daily use is essential for most everyone. Very helpful for stress, depression, high blood pressure, acute & chronic pain, osteoporosis, migraine, arthritis, asthma, stroke, diabetes, immune dysfunction, arteriosclerosis, epilepsy and proper functioning of muscles, especially the heart. This lotion can be left on the skin all day or washed off after 30 minutes of use. Clinically shown to raise intracellular magnesium and raise DHEA.
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