Tips to seem young

1. Silhouette … Let’s say a young who appears before the Afar. Long, long or short it does not matter; If you have to see if a thin, slightly moving and keep his back straight, it becomes harder to estimate the age of the person. As a result, women or men at the age of each weight with age, more. The first condition is to have a slim young seems Silhouette. Not necessarily be very weak, but not necessarily be very overweight people and getting old, and slows down …

2. Animation … Vitality, that is to be healthy, at least in young people. Be entertained, the move itself away from negative thoughts, you also will give you a happy expression on face. There are a lot of wrinkle on your face. Smile! Young people would even laughing faces. Even with a happy smile on his face, and so I will show you an unhappy young would more …

3. apparel … As is known, sport clothes and shows young people, male or female to get … Furthermore, more weight is also obscure. Also available are nowadays everywhere, when jean was a dress up with models and is regarded as a rich human possibilities. If you like to wear clothes, simple and close to the body, you can choose to no longer more transformers models. Short skirts, short t-shirts gives people in youth. Tight pants, a t-shirt and sneakers; short skirt and jacket close to the body of a little under a dress shoes, heels, and a short jacket with a backpack. Examples list so many; see young people is enough!

4. Colors … Here’s what I’ve come to our most important! Clothes, makeup and hair and beauty in the colors of your choice and your youth until. Dark colors shows the elderly people. For some reason when it comes to women, men in our country, our color a little courage. Black, Brown and grey tones, and we love to play. Winter season arrives, they are also the colors window shop; in the same way, make up the …

4. Hair … It is believed that young people have always short hair. For some reason it took a little NAP in her age, women, and selects the moving hair models and area. Invitations, stage artists, hair models will be applied.

5. Attitude … If you still try things left on Earth, you are young. But the conversation “… our time … “he started talking to your teenager start an ends.

6. a little bit of care … Skin and body care is very important. Nutrition, vitamins, skin without missing the outside of the ethics and compliance with employees. One of the most important for the survival of healthy skin natural clothing needs will be collected and moisturize. Clear your skin morning and evening with a cleaner.

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