Skin problems and effective solutions

Dry hair, banana

Which will appear brighter because it is too dry, the gripe? Here are some suggestions: work for the benefit

A banana is thoroughly crush and mix one teaspoon of almond is your hair and apply, beginning in. rinse off after 20 minutes until the pickles.

Revive with cucumber

Why not revive your skin with a cucumber? Contains vitamins A, B and C and phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, and selenium are defined as youth Elixir, is good for all kinds of skin problem repository of cucumber, he balances the moisture ratio with reduction feature. Refreshing and softening effect is one of the indispensable foods because of cosmetic products. Every day for your skin 1 cucumber Peel and eat your face a little bit of shell, also cucumbers, your skin is thick and you will feel the effect of softening the sudden revival of still images.

Take a good sleep

Volumes have been published to be fed and repairing itself, and waits for the night so the organism Hibernate version. After midnight the skin better watered by hormones; in the same way that capillary blood circulation also revived during this period. The skin is applied to assist in resolving the most intense hours of the morning as the products of four. In the middle of the night is one of the largest service offered by the Agenda in the cool down. Domestically, the sun itself during the day that is resistant or stress related, his principal cause of muscle spasms that had through the night to relax the skin and their hair is eliminated.

Wrinkles fruit

Scientists, sunlight is from skin wrinkles and has nothing to do with de. Researchers; some fruits, vegetables, legumes, olive oil and skin against the negative effect of the sun rays protects. The skin protects from the solar rays, while the other anti-carcinogenic foods and fish, plums, Apple tea. On the other hand wrinkles on the skin, meat, milk, sugar, butter and margarine, foods you consume more occurred among the research results.

Lips balla shine

The antioxidant vitamins and amino acid contents of honey, mineral, as well as being a valuable nutrient, therapeutic features. Here’s a treat to avoid flawing lips: lip gloss shades

1 cup sweet almond oil and half a cup of wax, keep up the wax is dissolved in a microwave oven. 2 spoons honey and mix well. Leave to cool. Use the thumbnail containers with the mixture poured.

Dry skin remedy rose

Creates the problem of dry skin oily skin. Especially in the cold months, dry skin is enough and becomes irritated, it cracks open. Dry skin can have a gripe Gulden. Rose water and rose oil is widely used in applications on. Three drops of rose oil, three drops of lavender oil to mix it with your skin. You will feel your skin to get rid of all of a sudden took.

Caused by smoking: before going to bed to prevent water and lift your face thoroughly 1. This helps your skin to normal skin color.

The influence of smoking on the wrinkles from occurring: Mature half avocado, 2 tsp. honey and mix it with half a lemon, and follow your face, especially around the eye. just 1 hour waiting.

To reduce the appearance of Freckle: 2 handful of shells extracted almond leaves make it beat flour. Filtering honey and egg whites over a tablespoon of cream, add the rosewater until become whether extra. This mixture is ready for use as a mask, you can clear after waiting 20 minutes.

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