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Herbal hair care, skin care, cosmetics and life products all over the world as the most preferred and Aveda’s plant extracts as defined in the field of unique powered daily hair care Damage Remedy hair worn Daily Hair Repair, turned over to reveal all the expertise.

What do you need to eat for healthy hair?

There is not enough to just for your health hair protein. In addition, the contribution of the health of hair and scalp, biotin, zinc, iron and other nutrients, selenium, copper and magnesium in A, B6, C, D, E vitamins neglect to be trusted.

Natural formulas for faster hair growth

With natural formulas, you can have your hair grow faster. The main point is blood circulation at root of your hair and you need to try some vegetables for it.

4 hair problems and solutions

1 – Dandruff – You need to get more Vitamin A. it is essential for healthy scalp. Try to eat egg, wheat, walnut, mushroom and avocado. 2 – Dry Lifeless Hair. – You need to get more Vitamin B1 and B2.  Try to eat beans, spinach, brown rise and almond. 3 – White Hairs – You need to get more
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