Aveda Beauty Products

Herbal hair care, skin care, cosmetics and life products all over the world as the most preferred and Aveda’s plant extracts as defined in the field of unique powered daily hair care Damage Remedy hair worn Daily Hair Repair, turned over to reveal all the expertise.

With the help of vitamins and healthy hair worn to appear at a rate of 45% of this treatment cream that can help protect recyclable packaging.

Exposed to excessive heat, his hair during styling and taxing effects that help protect against corruption Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair; Completing the other three custom product family Damage Remedy:
Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo (Configurator shampoo),
Damage Remedy Restructuring Conditioner (Configurator hair treatment cream)
Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment (Again Configurator intensive care)

Series feature?
• Hair has a ratio of 26% as clinical repair.

• Hair are easy to make, break and helps protect against wear.

• Shaping phase helps protect the excessive heat is used.

• Prepares the hair shape.

• Dyed hair is effective.

What’s in the context?
• Have been obtained from Peru as organic quinoa protein (helps to repair the hair worn Hair root penetrate)

• Wheat protein (excessive heat used during Forming taxing helps influence)

• Soybean oil (breaking Hair and helps prevent the depreciation by nodes)

• Organic certified bergamot, mandarin, and ylang ylang essential oils obtained eilen refreshing aroma.

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