4 mistakes increasing wrinkles around eyes

1) No Sunglasses
When you don’t wear sunglasses, basically you are inviting wrinkles. Get sunglasses and not only in summer, use the whole year. Remember, especially in snowy weather, the sun much brighter.

2) Rubbing eyes
Tired, sleepy, when the eyes or rub them almost an instinct. Back and forth to rub the skin around your eyes is very thin, causing the formation of lines. Immediately abandon this habit that you do not want to look old!

Also have to be careful when cleaning your makeup, eye makeup and eye makeup removing the rigid motions do not delete your make-up easily, painlessly choose a cleanser that does not leave oily residue cleaning.

3) Prone to sleep
When you lie face down on the same side always, compressed pillow to sleep after a while become permanent, rotating signs. Therefore, the more careful to sleep on her back.

If you are having difficulty in sleeping on your back, place a pillow under your feet can sleep more easily.

4) No eye cream
Is much thinner than the skin around your eyes, look at your environment more quickly


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